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 AMRIT Pani:-
Generally known as "Bijamritam".So we doing little changes in it which is more beneficial for plant.It help the plant to increase immunity ,work as growth regulator for plant,increase plant can get it in liquid and dry form also.but the liquid is more effective.You can also prepare it  .main ingredients cow dung,cow urine, basan,jagary/gur.

 It is also used for soil preparation.


 Our vermicompost is one of the most effective vermicompost.
N=1.5%  P2O5 =0.6%  K20 =1% (N:P:K)ratio
we use Udilus Ugini vermi for composting so we get a best quality vermicompost.

NEEM Khole/Cake :-
This is one of the best and must needed fertilizer for organic soil preparation.At first it kill the bad virus and pest in the soil and after 20 days it mix with soil and act as organic manure.For urban and rooftp gardening it is very helpful. 

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