NASA Recomendet Air Purifing plants

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Snake Plant:-
Location – Indoors, partial sunlight
Watering – as per requirement
Temperature – 5 to 47 degree celsius
Common names – Mother in laws tongue, snake plant
Botanical name – Sansevieria laurentii
Because this plant needs humidity, it's perfect for your bathroom,bedroom,leavingroom. It gives off oxygen at night—a sleeping aid. It was found to be one of the most effective air purifier plants which removes benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene from the air.

Aloe vera:-
Location – Indoors,sunlight,shead
Watering – Less frequent
Temperature – 15 to 45 degree celsius
Common names – Aloe, aloe vera, ghritkumari
Botanical name – Aloe barbadensis mill
Its been used for medicinal purpose from ancient times. It is effective in cleaning benzene and formaldehyde.

Peace Lily:-
Location – Indoors,sheady sunlight
Watering – Less frequent
Temperature – 16 to 37 degree celsius
Common names – Spath, closet plants
Botanical name – Spathiphyllum
The hidden talent behind the lush and beautiful peace lily is its excellent air filtering system. It boasts a high transpiration rate—that means they carry a lot of water from the roots to the leaves and releases moisture back into the room. It was found to be one of the most effective plants which removes benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, ammonia, xylene, toluene and several other known pollutants.

Boston Fern:-

Location – Indoors,outdoor
Watering – Frequent
Temperature – 15 to 35 degree cel
Common names – Boston swordfern, wild Boston fern, tuber ladder fern, fishbone fern
Botanical name – Nephrolepis exaltata

Boston ferns are native to tropical forests and swamp areas so they will thrive in low light and high humidity—they're ideal for your bathroom. The moisture from your shower will hydrate the plant, requiring little extra care from you. It is effective in removing formaldehyde, xylene, toluene and airborne germs, molds, bacterias from the indoor air.

Spider Plant:-
Location – Indoors,partial sunlight
Watering – Less frequent, as per requirment
Temperature – 15 to 35 degree celsius
Common names – Spider plant
Botanical name – Chlorophytum comosum
Talk about a plant that keeps giving. It removes impurities from the air like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. NASA's study found that spider plants removed 95 percent of formaldehyde from a sealed plexiglass chamber in 24 hours. Spider plant found to clean formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.

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