Jade Plant

why we need it

Jade plant or Crassula ovata is a Popular good luck charm in Asia with vibrant green thick leaves . It’s a great low maintenance indoor succulent plant with delicate pink/white flowers that bloom in the spring, for your indoor gardening . Jade can be also used in Bonsai . Jade plants beside aesthetics , removes many VOCs , noxious & toxic compounds released by our carpets , walls paints , adhesives and purify the air . It is also a versatile home remedy used for treating nausea , warts , diarrhoea . Feng shui enthusiasts claim that it brings good luck , fortune & prosperity to the house and even provides mental health benefits by nourishing the chi . Jade is totally an indoor plant and requires no care except watering although it can also be kept outdoor . 

Benefit of Snake plant

NASA recommended plant

Snake plant is a native of tropical countries & has a typical evergreen sword-shaped leaves propagate mainly creeping rhizome. Due to the succulent nature of the snake plant, it requires less water & maintenance to survive . Snake plant is grown both indoor and outdoors as a decorative plant.
Along with its beautiful foliage structure, the plant is also an efficient air purifier as per NASA research. The plant efficiently absorbed benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from indoor air. It also has a higher efficiency of absorbing carbon dioxide and it is one of the few plants that release oxygen 24hrs even during the night.